Anger Is For Today, While Happiness Is Eternal


Anger is a serious issue affecting billions of people on a daily basis. Although anger is a more serious issue for some than for others, it is one of those emotions that you can overcome easily. The key to overcoming anger is happiness. God protects us with joy, although we may still for temporary anger. Anger is a secondary emotion while happiness is the human beings primary emotion. Feeling happiness is completely up to the being. Anger may affect your life but happiness is a way of life that no form of displeasure can drown out. Live your life like God has planned for you – Happy.


Of Mind, Body and Spirit

I remember spending almost every night drinking alcohol, smoking weed or pouring pills into my mind, body and soul in order to maintain my happiness and relax. Little did I know I was actually doing everything to unravel myself and ensure that I wasn’t happy. I was weak, surrendering to drugs and alcohol instead of surrender to myself to a higher power that would ultimately keep me relaxed through any situation. After turning myself over to God, I realized I don’t need to put anything in my body to be happy. All I needed was a reason to be happy internally and the external happiness would follow. Now, I am doing everything in my power to make sure I never touch another narcotic substance that alters my mind, body and spirit because my mind, body and spirit has all it needs – God.

Born Sinners

Forgiveness plays a huge part in religion for a very specific reason. That’s because we as human beings are born sinners in every way but we’re saved through forgiveness. Sinning isn’t something you want to do, but it is something we cannot stop ourselves from doing no matter how hard we try. It could be something as simple as sex before marriage or something as dark as murder. No sin is greater or lesser than the other, regardless of society’s laws, rules and regulations. If you make it your job to sin, then God will be aware of that. If you sin, then look back and learn from your mistake, you’re ultimately forgiven for that sin as long as you understand how to seek forgiveness from your lord and saviour. How you seek forgiveness is completely between you and your higher power, but never abuse it or again – Your higher power will be aware of it. Forgiveness is everything in a world full of sinners.

Love Wins

Today I was having fun online using (a webcam based chat service). Everything was going okay until I ran into a very pretty woman who claimed to be the devil. She said I was damned because she was my biggest weakness (being a pretty woman and all). So then I went into the other room and grabbed my Bible. At that point she said she would never see me again. At that point I realized it was a good thing. A woman claiming to be the Devil said I would never see her (the Devil) ever again. I asked her if God had won and she said yes. No weapons formed against me shall prosper as long as I have my lord and saviour watching over me. Lesson well learned and I will never forget it. LOVE TRIUMPHS OVER EVIL ALWAYS !

Thankful For Today


Waking up isn’t as easy for some of us. Some days we feel like going to sleep and never waking up depending on how our day/night went. Giving up is easy while living out your life is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Someone last night may have given up, but God continues to bless us with a new day. Be thankful, be grateful, be aware that waking up isn’t promised to all. God bless and enjoy your day.

Ups and Downs

We can only reach new heights by getting over our lowest points. There are no ups without downs. Embrace the hard times and use them to elevate yourself to a higher plateau. Our emotions entrap us at times, keeping us grounded. It is normal to feel sad during hard times but it is also possible to feel happy during sad times if you allow the joy to overcome that sorrow within you. I am happy at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel sadness at any moment. You control your emotions. If you feel sad, it is because you allow yourself to feel that way. Stop the sadness and allow yourself to feel happiness when you need it the most. If all else fails, listen to the song in the link — Pharrell Williams – Happy

The Light At The End of The Tunnel

Just last week, I was at rock bottom. Now I am at the top of the mountain. How did I get there exactly? Well that is why we’re all here. I’ve found my way, now I’m here to help others on their journey from rock bottom to the peak of the mountain. By no means will this be easy for any of us. By no means is there any shortcuts to the top. By no means will I ever give up on anyone.

Have you ever felt down? Have you ever felt hopeless? Have you ever felt depressed? Have you ever taken a breath of fresh air? If so, then you’re probably a human being and you probably need help, even if you don’t feel like you do. If you feel like you don’t need help, then it is a strong possibility that you’re just not ready to accept the help that’s here for you. If not, it is okay. Take your time. By no means are we in a rush on this journey. For some it will take years, for some it will take months, and for some that journey will never end.

Now that we’re here. I want everyone to open up about your current situation and why you feel as though you need help. If you’re willing to listen, then you’re more than ready to receive help. I do not ask anyone to dwell into their life story. I just need enough to understand your problems so we have common ground.

I can find a way to relate to everyone’s issues because I’ve felt every emotion you’ve felt. We’ve all been sad, depressed, happy, anxious, mad, etc. When you separate yourself from others, you will slowly fade away from those who care. Always find a way to relate to others. Always find a way to understand, or you will stand alone. Here’s your chance to make that choice. Will you open up or will you continue to shut the door behind you?

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