Limitless isn’t just a movie where Bradley Cooper takes a pill and becomes super-smart in an instant. Limitless is a way of life – a way to a better life. Living limitless isn’t as hard as some of us make it out to be. It all starts with the belief that no limits shall hold you back on your journey to finding inner peace. The limitless lifestyle gives you the strength and the courage to take on all challenges, no matter how tall the task. Being limitless is having an understanding that limits are made up of doubts place on man by his own mind. Free your mind of those limits and you shall soar with the sparrows. Place limits on yourself, and be constricted by the pain that has its hands around society’s neck. Break free of that hold and start to lead a limitless lifestyle – a lifestyle where no one tells you what to do, a lifestyle where you play by your own rules, and most importantly  – a lifestyle not bound by doubt.


My Fear For Good


I do not fear good things, I fear for good thing to happen. That does not mean I’m afraid for good, it means I’m scared for good things to happen. My fear of God keeps good thrusting against my soul until I’m overcome with joy. My fear keeps my good foot forth and scares off any wicked thoughts. My fear is strong and my fear is peaceful. I’m fear nothing but God. With this fear, I shall walk through the valley of death while fearing no evil. My fear for good will spread as it strengthens from my core and begins to burrow it’s way from my soul into the streets, overflowing into the hearts of those close to me. My fear for good is joy and my joy comes from fear of something greater than us all – God.

Life’s Biggest Test


The world was put here for us as a test. This is our chance to prove to God that we fear him and believe in his existence as our saviour. Sin was placed here for us to tempt us in order to separate the holy from the evil. Sinning is forgiven but not if sin makes up your entire existence. It’s okay to sin but not to want to sin. Sin will happen regardless but you should not want to sin. God knows who wants to sin and who tries their hardest to stay away from temptations of life. We’re born sinners but we’re also supposed to prove ourselves to God through all things holy in life. Believe in doing good for man and man will do good for you. Life is simple when you want good things for yourself and your fellow man. God will protect those whom carry his message through life with them. Protect yourself with God with all things holy and never have to worry about the troubles in life as you may today.

Believe In Something, or Believe In Nothing

Belief is one of the strongest tools in the world. If you having nothing to believe in, you might as well believe in nothing. Imagine not believing that you’ll ever succeed in life – why would you wake up every day to work or even eat? If you didn’t believe you had a reason to live, why would you even bother with living? The answer is simple … in order to live a healthy life, you have to have a strong belief system. The most powerful form of belief comes through God. God offers you everything you need as a human as long as you believe in his vision and follow his lead. There are other forms of belief, but none is as powerful as our Lord. Our Lord can carry us through the toughest times, and turn us away from all evil. Nothing in this world can uplift one like faith and fear of God. Fear of the Lord is important because it keeps you believing that if you stray from all good, then evil will get its grasp on you and never let go. Faith gives us a reason to go on, a reason to want to be happy, and a reason to believe that we need God in our lives to survive. Believe that you’re a product of God, believe that he’ll carry you through anything and everything. Never lose sight of belief, or you’ll see yourself distancing from all things holy and happy in life. Even non-believers have a bit of faith, or else they’d have no reason to go on. Those who don’t believe in anything usually do not last long on this planet. That’s why it is important to give your life meaning, and to understand that God gave us a meaning to live from the beginning of time, and that’s to praise his existence and spread the word while basking in positivity. BELIEVE IN SOMETHING, OR BELIEVE IN NOTHING – THE CHOICE IS SIMPLE.



Believing is one of the more important things you’ll ever need to do in life. Believing is also one of the hardest things to do for some of us. Not all of us have been through an experience that puts us on the path of a believer. Belief doesn’t come overnight, unless you’re born with the gift of believing in something greater than yourself. You might think not believing means you’ll be cast to hell, when instead, God loves a challenge. He’ll walk through fire with you to ensure that you’ll be saved from being melted by the flames of hell and non belief. Without belief there’s no hope. Without hope there’s not many reasons to live. Give yourself a reason to live, and a reason to believe.

For Today

For today, forget about tomorrow. There’s no way you can save tomorrow today. Tomorrow will be a new day with new problems and old feelings. Take today to take care of today’s problems and today’s problems only. Looking further than today can damage your vision. The nearsighted issues of tomorrow can distract you from. correctly handling the issues that currently presented to you. God knows what you can handle and he gives us a today to handle those issues. Don’t get ahead of God’s plan for you.

What’s Faith?

Faith isn’t as simple as a word regarding to being hopeful of the future. Faith is having a positive outlook on the past, present and future. Some, if not most people confuse faith with hope. Faith is an everlasting force, not to be deterred from any negative energy. Having faith through negativity is most important.

Although I may have been through some very rough times, I have faith that God will put me on the right path to fix whatever is wrong, whether the problem is from the past, present or something awaiting me in the near or distant future. Faith isn’t a word meant to be used out of religious context. If you have faith and no higher power to lead you, then you are steering blindly with false hope. Surrender to a true ans certain faith and forever remain hopeful and positive about the ups and downs presented by life.