Distant Love

The distant closeness of love
So far away wanting it near
I wonder so much, why isn’t it here
I need the feeling, I want the happiness

Struggling to maintain, losing my mind
Looking for something worth my time
I need the touch, I want the feel
I need something sure, something real

Can you make me believe?
Or will I lose all hope?
In my heart you can live
Find me now, before I leave


Light of The Moon

Beyond a step where I will never come back from
Lost I am, feeling mum
Beneath the level I can recover from
Lost I am, feeling dumb

How did I get here and when will i recover
A chance, will there ever be another?
Caught in the distance, leaving too soon
Only to be saved by the light of the moon

Loveless (POEM)

Loveless heart, why do you beat?
You have no feeling
Everything you do is discreet
You’re incapable of healing

Loveless mind, why do you think?
You’re wasting your time
Everything you do makes me weak
You’re unlike any mind

Loveless eyes, why do you look?
You’re blinding me so
You never do anything by the book
Look elsewhere and let me go


I walked through the fire covered in gasoline
Everything I encountered was out of a magazine
The money, cars and fame was all apart of some game
It was a burning desire ignited by flame
Wealth and greed could be there for sure
I burned inside the need for more
Wanting it all, not caring if I fall


A light in the sky caught my eye
I felt so good and didn’t know why
Evenly low but feeling so high
Spreading my wings, preparing to fly

Here I am willing to go
Where I’m going, I really don’t know
I feel great, I feel better than ever
Now is time and it’s better than never

Lift me high and let me soar
Give me a boost and lift me more
God has me flying and won’t let go
My spiritual growth is finally ready to show

You Can’t Be Me [Poem]


You will never be what you’re trying to be trying to be me

You will never see what you’re trying to see looking at me

You want to be so much but can’t take your eyes away from me

You can’t be anything, you are what you see and that’s me

I’m the star of your life and you’re nothing to you

Who are you?

We’re not the same two

Be whoever you want to be, but you cannot be me

Why do you stare? What do you want?

I have nothing for you, please go on your way

As hard as I try to create distance, you beg me to stay

Find Me

Here I am, waiting for a sign
Looking ahead, but knowing I’m blind
There’s nothing here, but there’s something to find
Everything I need is not on my mind

Give me what I need and not let me be
Hold me forever or let me be
For now I am blind and cannot see
Feeling like you and not like me

Who am I?
I do not know
What I want will not show
Give me a way and I shall go
I want to be me, I want to grow