A Message For You

Thank you God for another beautiful day. Even though it rained, it was beautiful. Even though everything didn’t go my way, it was beautiful. I don’t need to constantly see beauty to know I’m surrounded by it physically and spiritually. Thank you for another beautiful day in my beautiful life. Nothing is ugly,and nothing is dull. Everything spawns from your vision and your eye only beholds beauty. I shall forever be in debt to your wonderfulness. I shall never stray from the beautiful things in life, regardless how how ugly things may feel at times. Through the dark I shall search for your light. Through the night I shall think of the light of day. I’m yours forever and our eternal bond shall grow until it’s my time to come home.



God blessed us with another beautiful day and we should be thankful for that. Everyday is a fresh start, regardless of what happened the night before. Every day has it’s own worries, so it is best not to ever worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow. Always deal with today’s issues today and tomorrow’s issues tomorrow. If you begin to look to far, thats when you lose sight of the day and start pondering about tomorrow. Why worry for tomorrow when you haven’t even begun to fix today’s problems? It is a wise thing to only worry about the now and not the future, especially a future that we have no control over.Once you begin to only worry about today, you will begin to see how important it is to get today right before attempting to find answers for tomorrow. If you’ve figured out everything for today, then you’re free of worries until tomorrow, unless you make the choice of concerning yourself with tomorrow’s problems. Don’t let tomorrow bring you down today and don’t carry today into tomorrow unless you want to stress even more than today’s requires you to.

Of Mind, Body and Spirit

I remember spending almost every night drinking alcohol, smoking weed or pouring pills into my mind, body and soul in order to maintain my happiness and relax. Little did I know I was actually doing everything to unravel myself and ensure that I wasn’t happy. I was weak, surrendering to drugs and alcohol instead of surrender to myself to a higher power that would ultimately keep me relaxed through any situation. After turning myself over to God, I realized I don’t need to put anything in my body to be happy. All I needed was a reason to be happy internally and the external happiness would follow. Now, I am doing everything in my power to make sure I never touch another narcotic substance that alters my mind, body and spirit because my mind, body and spirit has all it needs – God.

Thankful For Today


Waking up isn’t as easy for some of us. Some days we feel like going to sleep and never waking up depending on how our day/night went. Giving up is easy while living out your life is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Someone last night may have given up, but God continues to bless us with a new day. Be thankful, be grateful, be aware that waking up isn’t promised to all. God bless and enjoy your day.