True Love

There’s something about everyone worth loving. You have the choice to give someone the benefit of the doubt or to doubt them. Take the high road and love them. That’s exactly how God intended it. Not everyone is going to make you happy but that’s their fault. If they do not know how to make others love them than that’s a flaw within themselves. You have to personally know how to love someone no matter how good or bad they treat you. Finding that love gives you the freedom to be happier than you could ever imagine. If you can’t love everyone, then find a way to love yourself unconditionally. That love for yourself opens the gates to finding a way to love all things just as much as you love yourself. If you do not truly love yourself then it’ll be hard to find a way to love anything.


Please Listen

Be aware of who is dragging you down. There are people in your life right now that want nothing but the worst for you. Do you know who those people are? It’s hard to figure out exactly who those people are, especially when they’re trying to remain hidden. God will give you signs to direct you to whomever it is that isn’t supposed to be in your life.

There may be some things being said about you and you don’t know who to believe. Go to the source of those words and figure out how certain people react to those words and maybe you’ll be able to figure out who the blame should be placed on. It’s not easy to bring out the snakes lying in the grass. Sometimes it’s best to wait around until they reveal themselves.

Talk less and listen more. That’s how you get a better idea of who’s saying what, instead of talking and becoming a part of the problem. The less you talk, the more time you have to listen. The more you listen, the more you know who’s for you and against you.

Edge of Darkness


On the edge of darkness, searching for a light

A place where I have no will or no might

Everything I’ve ever loved is completely out of sight

Will I ever return from the edge or will I fall over?

There’s no one who will help me

My hand is extended but no one reaches out

At this point, my life is full of doubt

Why do I have limits?

Why am I here?

As good as I may feel

The darkness is still here

I’ll be forever searching for the light

Until it finally shines bright

Love Worthy

Beach House 1 (2012)

I have no doubt I am worthy of you

I’m made for you, I’m here for you

You have your doubts about being worthy of me

But I tell you baby, we’re meant to be

Our differences are very much the same

For that, no one’s to blame

Love isn’t a game

It is to be taken seriously

I want your love and I want it furiously

Give me it all

Not just a little

Lets go to the end of time

Not quit in the middle

In Living Color


The world is a blank canvas for the people to create a beautiful picture. Our minds are the paintbrushes, which are able to draw anything imaginable. Some of paint with more dull colors than others, but that’s your choice. I choose to paint with a full arsenal of colors. My painting is full of the most beautiful colors in the world. My colors consist of family, friends, helping others, and my hobbies. I will use those colors until my canvas is full and I’ve created a priceless piece of art. What colors are you bringing to the table? We can choose to paint on this canvas of life alone, or we can join forces and paint away, making a beautiful picture together. If you are painting with dull colors, find a way to reach brighter and more lively colors. Never go over anything you pain in the world. Once the paint is down, it stays. If you have to work on getting better, take the time┬áto do so. The only way to get better is to keep on painting no matter what. What will your final image show?

Truth in Love


Love is exactly what you make it. Love can be the best thing in the world or it can be troubling. What love should be is happiness – an unquestioned testimony to faith. Love isn’t material. Love doesn’t come down to how much you spend on a person or how much you see a person. Love has no price. If you truly love someone, it doesn’t matter when, where, why, or how you see someone as long as they know you love them and they love you. No one has to question whether or not they love you when you love then. It’ll be as clear as day. Even through the dark times love will outshine everything. There’s no way to drown out true love unless it is your intention. Love doesn’t have to be built on, it’s already there from the foundation. Never feel like you need to prove your love, for everything you do will prove you love something or someone. There’s not many questions involved with love. There’s only truth in love and nothing else.