I am imperfectly perfect
My flaws are my wonders
I can only be who am I right now
Distance the world from my wonders

I am beautifully disfigured
Something undone
Working towards being whole
Piece me together by breaking me down

You will never know how great I am
Falling down trying to stand
Where we part is where we meet


Love Is Here

Life so too short to hate anything or anyone. If you find hate, dispose of it immediately. God intended for us all to love each other. Those who believe it’s hard to love everyone just doesn’t understand how important love is. The more you love, the more lovely you are. Ugliness is a sickening virus that can only be eradicated by beauty. Love and hate are like night and day but the light always drowns out the darkness. Use love to fight evil and you’ll constantly win life’s toughest battles. Finding a way to love is the toughest thing to do for some of us. If you want to love, it’s your choice. If you want to hate, that’s also your choice but you’ll surely live out a life full of pain and sadness. With love, you’ll live a beautiful and meaningful life. The choice should be easy, do not make it hard on yourself.


Do you dare tell me I can’t do something?
I will defy earth’s odds and soar like a phoenix reborn
Do you dare tell me I’m not good enough?
I will prove I’m worthy to walk with kings
Do you dare tell me I do not care?
I will love everything on this earth will equality
Do not tell me what possible because I will only prove that even the impossible is somehow capable
Dare not doubt me for I will find a way to make due
Dare if you will and I will indeed prove you wrong

The Arising Rose


Unearthing worldly pleasures buries me withing my limits

Seeing through the blinds hanging in life’s window shows me nothing I need

I’m whole within my soul and losing everything as my love pours freely

I’m growing from the concrete settled beneath the dirt

I’m a rose torn from the roots only to blossom into an ugliness filled with beauty