The shattered ground beneath my feet can’t hold my ground
There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to move and no one around
Take me now and set me free
Let me live and let me be

The broken asphalt is shaking up my life
Everything’s rumbling and nothing feels too right
Break me down and build me again
Don’t start from the outside, start from within


The Distance

Into the distance where I’m invisible
Nobody sees me when I’m miserable
All alone and far away from home
I’m distant on my lonely throne

Way out into the black
Too far away to find my way back
Getting away from everything beautiful
This time of my life is surely crucial

Far out and no way back
Putting on a show during my final act
Here I am gone for good
Looking to come back and wishing I could

Love Worthy

Beach House 1 (2012)

I have no doubt I am worthy of you

I’m made for you, I’m here for you

You have your doubts about being worthy of me

But I tell you baby, we’re meant to be

Our differences are very much the same

For that, no one’s to blame

Love isn’t a game

It is to be taken seriously

I want your love and I want it furiously

Give me it all

Not just a little

Lets go to the end of time

Not quit in the middle

Ups and Downs

From the pain we store inside
To life’s roller coaster ride
We go up and we go down
We go side to side
Our pride keeps us high
And the downs keep us low
No matter where we go,
We carry emotions with us
There’s no escape
For our emotions build us up
They can also break us down
Make us smike, make us frown
Be happy or be sad
That’s the choices we have


Let’s end up somewhere we have never been
Let’s defy our limits by flying beyond the sky
Let’s make the word believe in everything impossible
Let’s never make sense again
Let’s go wild until we live care free
Let’s just be

Let’s feel like we have no feelings
Let’s be here until we’re there
Let’s never worry about worrying again
Let’s fall until we’re dropping from the sky
Let’s be held in contempt until we’re free
Let’s just be

Fruit of Destruction

Biting on destruction like a burning fruit in the garden
The more my teeth sink in the more the fruit hardens
The taste is bitter but oh so tempting
The juices trail down my throat, soothing but pinching
I’m not satisfied, I need more and more
This destructive taste is something I enjoy
Will I fall victim to such a bittersweet fruit
In tied to its grasp growing with its roots
It’s a struggle to set my self apart
Now in torn and destructive from inside and out

Building On Love


I saw you and felt my whole existence finally make sense

You were real, I was flawed, and you stood tall while I crawled

I was humble, you were excited, we were here and not to be denied

Your touch was my feeling, My sight was your vision

Together we grew and we’re even farther today

When I had no hope, you showed me a way

For you I’m thankful, and for me I’m happy

I’m running in place, and I’ll watch as you lap me

Grateful for you, and for me you’re everything

It won’t make sense to put a price on this love

and that’s mainly because this is a priceless type love

Lowly above, and highly humble

You’re there to catch me, and correct me if I stumble

Fall I shall, and stand you will

You broke me down and your love continued to build