Bridge To Eternity


Have you seen my love?

Tell her I’ve found myself lost

Have you seen my money

Tell it I need it at all cost

Have you seen my heart?

Without it I’m cold, embedded in frost

Have you seen my soul?

I’m standing at the bridge to eternity, and I need it to cross


Whole [Poem]


Broken, shattered and scattered
I’m a piece of the things I used to be
My very existence is tattered
I strive to be whole and as complete as I used to be

Trying my hardest to pull the pieces together
Walking through the rain, ignoring the weather
A piece of me is there, a piece of me is here
All of me is nowhere, I’m broken and scared

Tape me up and make me whole
Give me hope, illuminate my soul
For I am lost and broken apart
Give me love and sew up my heart

Follow The Lead

Do not be too prideful to follow God’s lead. There’s only one way to find eternal happiness and that is through Jesus Christ and God. One who claims to be truly happy without following their lead is only confused about the true meaning of happiness. Through the fear of God one will learn what it is to do thing for the right reasons. WHen you fear God, you fear making the wrong decisions. Wrong decisions lead to all things unhappy, while making the right choices brings you closer to the Lord and closer to that eternal happiness sought out by the masses. True happiness last forever and isn’t obtained by one’s worth in worldly things. Money doesn’t, and cannot bring you eternal happiness, it can only bring you closer to wanting to find that happiness. Money can sometimes┬áserve as a stepping stone to realizing what being truly happy feels like, but in a misleading way. Money can lead you to do bad things, so it cannot be fully associated with eternal happiness unless one if using the money as a vessel for their happiness. bodily things aren’t to be used on your journey to finding everlasting happiness, although worldly things can give you a small idea of what true happiness feels like, it will never be enough to fill the void. Give yourself a chance, open yourself up to the Lord and follow his lead to true and everlasting happiness and he will make sure you have all the tools you need to support that happiness, even if those tools are things you thought you’d ever need. You’ll never know what true happiness feels like without the word of God and without good reasoning behind your every move. Be a follower, not a leader and your saviour will take you to places never thought possible to be reached.

Anger Is For Today, While Happiness Is Eternal


Anger is a serious issue affecting billions of people on a daily basis. Although anger is a more serious issue for some than for others, it is one of those emotions that you can overcome easily. The key to overcoming anger is happiness. God protects us with joy, although we may still for temporary anger. Anger is a secondary emotion while happiness is the human beings primary emotion. Feeling happiness is completely up to the being. Anger may affect your life but happiness is a way of life that no form of displeasure can drown out. Live your life like God has planned for you – Happy.