Love Again

You will come back won’t you?
I’m a lost goner without you
Searching to the end of nothing
Everything feels empty

Show me the love I deserve
Lead me to a better place
I find nothing in everyone
Let’s be one

Find me at the crossroads
Take me back
You’re heart is my home
My heart is your palace

Can you forgive me?
The future is much brighter
The past will hold us back
Let’s love again



I’ve been in some bad places. But no where was worse than when I was lonely. Separated from family and friends with nowhere to go. I didn’t think I’d ever find them again. Drugs, partying and women had me out there. I thought I had everything but I couldn’t escape the lonely feeling in my soul. Those people who made me feel whole were departing. When you’re out there speeding it is hard to see what is important to you. Now I know that my family and friends is what is most important to me. Through their love I am whole. Drugs and alcohol doesn’t complete me any longer. I’ve been through hell and back and now I’m home. I’m here to stay forever and I will never look back to those lonely days. I will appreciate everything I almost lost because now I realize how much I need those people in my life. Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life that keeps you happy and healthy. Lead a positive lifestyle and those people you love will follow you through hell if they have to. Never leave their side for material things because they are destructive. Be wise and you will be happy.