The Wait

Underneath the pain lies the hope of love
Deep within my soul there’s a light buried beneath the darkness
Freeing my mind, prepared for something beautiful
My ugliness has blossomed into a black rose
Destiny has revealed itself as something worth the wait
Patiently waiting for my love to outlast the hate


The Door

Making my way through the door of love
one foot through the door, peeping in
Scared of the answers
Prepared for the worst

How will the work out?
Will I be a victim?
Love let me know before I come through
Can u really depend on you

Lift me up and take me high
I’m afraid of you and don’t know why
Show me the truth for I shall not worry
I want my life to end with a lovely story

Happiness Is Forever

Embrace life. Never let life get the best of you. There is always something to happy about. There’s also much to be sad about, but be sure to embrace the joy and not the pain. Shout it out loud. Be happier than you’re sad and you’ll be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Do not get discouraged when you’re feeling down, for it is only temporary. Happiness is forever.

Please Listen

Be aware of who is dragging you down. There are people in your life right now that want nothing but the worst for you. Do you know who those people are? It’s hard to figure out exactly who those people are, especially when they’re trying to remain hidden. God will give you signs to direct you to whomever it is that isn’t supposed to be in your life.

There may be some things being said about you and you don’t know who to believe. Go to the source of those words and figure out how certain people react to those words and maybe you’ll be able to figure out who the blame should be placed on. It’s not easy to bring out the snakes lying in the grass. Sometimes it’s best to wait around until they reveal themselves.

Talk less and listen more. That’s how you get a better idea of who’s saying what, instead of talking and becoming a part of the problem. The less you talk, the more time you have to listen. The more you listen, the more you know who’s for you and against you.

Love Is Here

Life so too short to hate anything or anyone. If you find hate, dispose of it immediately. God intended for us all to love each other. Those who believe it’s hard to love everyone just doesn’t understand how important love is. The more you love, the more lovely you are. Ugliness is a sickening virus that can only be eradicated by beauty. Love and hate are like night and day but the light always drowns out the darkness. Use love to fight evil and you’ll constantly win life’s toughest battles. Finding a way to love is the toughest thing to do for some of us. If you want to love, it’s your choice. If you want to hate, that’s also your choice but you’ll surely live out a life full of pain and sadness. With love, you’ll live a beautiful and meaningful life. The choice should be easy, do not make it hard on yourself.

Truth in Love


Love is exactly what you make it. Love can be the best thing in the world or it can be troubling. What love should be is happiness – an unquestioned testimony to faith. Love isn’t material. Love doesn’t come down to how much you spend on a person or how much you see a person. Love has no price. If you truly love someone, it doesn’t matter when, where, why, or how you see someone as long as they know you love them and they love you. No one has to question whether or not they love you when you love then. It’ll be as clear as day. Even through the dark times love will outshine everything. There’s no way to drown out true love unless it is your intention. Love doesn’t have to be built on, it’s already there from the foundation. Never feel like you need to prove your love, for everything you do will prove you love something or someone. There’s not many questions involved with love. There’s only truth in love and nothing else.

Love Trap

I was caught in her web, alive and aware
Turned into stone by her Medusa-like stare
Her venom coarsed through my soul and I didn’t have a care
If love was never here I knew it was near

I was stone caught in a spell
I couldn’t think nor could I exhale
Her love had me trapped but feeling alive
Off the strength of her deep potion I knew I’d survive

Where do I go, how can I leave
My heart was burning and turning degrees
If I can’t go, I know I’ll be fine
Im a goner of love caught in her vines
No matter what no matter how I know that we’ll shine