God blessed us with another beautiful day and we should be thankful for that. Everyday is a fresh start, regardless of what happened the night before. Every day has it’s own worries, so it is best not to ever worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow. Always deal with today’s issues today and tomorrow’s issues tomorrow. If you begin to look to far, thats when you lose sight of the day and start pondering about tomorrow. Why worry for tomorrow when you haven’t even begun to fix today’s problems? It is a wise thing to only worry about the now and not the future, especially a future that we have no control over.Once you begin to only worry about today, you will begin to see how important it is to get today right before attempting to find answers for tomorrow. If you’ve figured out everything for today, then you’re free of worries until tomorrow, unless you make the choice of concerning yourself with tomorrow’s problems. Don’t let tomorrow bring you down today and don’t carry today into tomorrow unless you want to stress even more than today’s requires you to.




Believing is one of the more important things you’ll ever need to do in life. Believing is also one of the hardest things to do for some of us. Not all of us have been through an experience that puts us on the path of a believer. Belief doesn’t come overnight, unless you’re born with the gift of believing in something greater than yourself. You might think not believing means you’ll be cast to hell, when instead, God loves a challenge. He’ll walk through fire with you to ensure that you’ll be saved from being melted by the flames of hell and non belief. Without belief there’s no hope. Without hope there’s not many reasons to live. Give yourself a reason to live, and a reason to believe.

Any Day Now


If you’re up for it, you could be on the path to everlasting happiness any day now. Today could be the day you turn away from the bad things holding you back. Today could be the day you put down those bad habits forever and pick up that everlasting happiness that you deserve. Do not cheat yourself out of feeling amazing. Your bad habits are prohibiting you from finding the everlasting peace that within you. There’s no easy way to say goodbye to yesterday. You have to have a positive outlook for tomorrow in order to overcome the bad things trailing you in the rearview mirror. Speed up and never look back if that’s what it takes. We all are on a different road to happiness, but some of us just have not found the correct route. The road to happiness doesn’t have signs. Your heart will be your guide on this long road. Try not to get lost, but if you do, happiness will wait forever until you find it.