Edge of Darkness


On the edge of darkness, searching for a light

A place where I have no will or no might

Everything I’ve ever loved is completely out of sight

Will I ever return from the edge or will I fall over?

There’s no one who will help me

My hand is extended but no one reaches out

At this point, my life is full of doubt

Why do I have limits?

Why am I here?

As good as I may feel

The darkness is still here

I’ll be forever searching for the light

Until it finally shines bright


Building On Love


I saw you and felt my whole existence finally make sense

You were real, I was flawed, and you stood tall while I crawled

I was humble, you were excited, we were here and not to be denied

Your touch was my feeling, My sight was your vision

Together we grew and we’re even farther today

When I had no hope, you showed me a way

For you I’m thankful, and for me I’m happy

I’m running in place, and I’ll watch as you lap me

Grateful for you, and for me you’re everything

It won’t make sense to put a price on this love

and that’s mainly because this is a priceless type love

Lowly above, and highly humble

You’re there to catch me, and correct me if I stumble

Fall I shall, and stand you will

You broke me down and your love continued to build

The Arising Rose


Unearthing worldly pleasures buries me withing my limits

Seeing through the blinds hanging in life’s window shows me nothing I need

I’m whole within my soul and losing everything as my love pours freely

I’m growing from the concrete settled beneath the dirt

I’m a rose torn from the roots only to blossom into an ugliness filled with beauty

Whole [Poem]


Broken, shattered and scattered
I’m a piece of the things I used to be
My very existence is tattered
I strive to be whole and as complete as I used to be

Trying my hardest to pull the pieces together
Walking through the rain, ignoring the weather
A piece of me is there, a piece of me is here
All of me is nowhere, I’m broken and scared

Tape me up and make me whole
Give me hope, illuminate my soul
For I am lost and broken apart
Give me love and sew up my heart

Light of Love

A light from above shined through my soul

It lit up my heart and took away the cold

The melting light, high from above

Showed me warmth and gave me love

Oh light, oh light, I praise your might

Your strength shall go unmatched

The light touched me from a new height

And let my love free; finally unlatched

What’s Faith?

Faith isn’t as simple as a word regarding to being hopeful of the future. Faith is having a positive outlook on the past, present and future. Some, if not most people confuse faith with hope. Faith is an everlasting force, not to be deterred from any negative energy. Having faith through negativity is most important.

Although I may have been through some very rough times, I have faith that God will put me on the right path to fix whatever is wrong, whether the problem is from the past, present or something awaiting me in the near or distant future. Faith isn’t a word meant to be used out of religious context. If you have faith and no higher power to lead you, then you are steering blindly with false hope. Surrender to a true ans certain faith and forever remain hopeful and positive about the ups and downs presented by life.

Love Wins

Today I was having fun online using chatroulette.com (a webcam based chat service). Everything was going okay until I ran into a very pretty woman who claimed to be the devil. She said I was damned because she was my biggest weakness (being a pretty woman and all). So then I went into the other room and grabbed my Bible. At that point she said she would never see me again. At that point I realized it was a good thing. A woman claiming to be the Devil said I would never see her (the Devil) ever again. I asked her if God had won and she said yes. No weapons formed against me shall prosper as long as I have my lord and saviour watching over me. Lesson well learned and I will never forget it. LOVE TRIUMPHS OVER EVIL ALWAYS !