I am imperfectly perfect
My flaws are my wonders
I can only be who am I right now
Distance the world from my wonders

I am beautifully disfigured
Something undone
Working towards being whole
Piece me together by breaking me down

You will never know how great I am
Falling down trying to stand
Where we part is where we meet


Want Happiness

Have the passion to want better for yourself and life’s problems will answer themselves. There’s always something going on in our lives that keeps us from being as happy as we can be. Still, we can eradicate those bad things by having passion and believing that we can find true happiness. Being passionate about finding happiness is very important in life. There’s always a way to become more happy with your life and it starts with wanting and needing that happiness. How can one be happy if they’re not taking the necessary steps to become happy? Gets passionate about happiness and it will come. Imagine just going about life without wanting things. Life would be pretty meaningless if you had nothing to strive for. The things we want and need is what makes life more meaningful. You’ll do whatever it takes to get what you want and need because that’s how you become content in life. It’s the same thing with happiness. Want it bad enough to do anything and everything possible in order to secure that happiness.

Love’s Way

Love’s pull has me falling
Wanting to held in its arms
Love’s word has me calling
Needing to be seen by its eyes
Love’s ways has me crawling
Wanting to be picked up
Love’s joy has me forever
Needing it in my presence
Love’s love is the world and it’s such a blessing

Love Worthy

Beach House 1 (2012)

I have no doubt I am worthy of you

I’m made for you, I’m here for you

You have your doubts about being worthy of me

But I tell you baby, we’re meant to be

Our differences are very much the same

For that, no one’s to blame

Love isn’t a game

It is to be taken seriously

I want your love and I want it furiously

Give me it all

Not just a little

Lets go to the end of time

Not quit in the middle

In Living Color


The world is a blank canvas for the people to create a beautiful picture. Our minds are the paintbrushes, which are able to draw anything imaginable. Some of paint with more dull colors than others, but that’s your choice. I choose to paint with a full arsenal of colors. My painting is full of the most beautiful colors in the world. My colors consist of family, friends, helping others, and my hobbies. I will use those colors until my canvas is full and I’ve created a priceless piece of art. What colors are you bringing to the table? We can choose to paint on this canvas of life alone, or we can join forces and paint away, making a beautiful picture together. If you are painting with dull colors, find a way to reach brighter and more lively colors. Never go over anything you pain in the world. Once the paint is down, it stays. If you have to work on getting better, take the time┬áto do so. The only way to get better is to keep on painting no matter what. What will your final image show?

Truth in Love


Love is exactly what you make it. Love can be the best thing in the world or it can be troubling. What love should be is happiness – an unquestioned testimony to faith. Love isn’t material. Love doesn’t come down to how much you spend on a person or how much you see a person. Love has no price. If you truly love someone, it doesn’t matter when, where, why, or how you see someone as long as they know you love them and they love you. No one has to question whether or not they love you when you love then. It’ll be as clear as day. Even through the dark times love will outshine everything. There’s no way to drown out true love unless it is your intention. Love doesn’t have to be built on, it’s already there from the foundation. Never feel like you need to prove your love, for everything you do will prove you love something or someone. There’s not many questions involved with love. There’s only truth in love and nothing else.