Love Wins


For all of the love I lost

For all the love I’ve found

For all the love above

For all the love around

For all of my loveless sins

For all of the emptiness inside

For each and every surpriseĀ 

For the hate I kept inside

Love was there, now and then

The same love from aboveĀ 

The same love from within

No matter how, no matter when

No matter whatLove will always win


Thankful For Today


Waking up isn’t as easy for some of us. Some days we feel like going to sleep and never waking up depending on how our day/night went. Giving up is easy while living out your life is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Someone last night may have given up, but God continues to bless us with a new day. Be thankful, be grateful, be aware that waking up isn’t promised to all. God bless and enjoy your day.

The Light At The End of The Tunnel

Just last week, I was at rock bottom. Now I am at the top of the mountain. How did I get there exactly? Well that is why we’re all here. I’ve found my way, now I’m here to help others on their journey from rock bottom to the peak of the mountain. By no means will this be easy for any of us. By no means is there any shortcuts to the top. By no means will I ever give up on anyone.

Have you ever felt down? Have you ever felt hopeless? Have you ever felt depressed? Have you ever taken a breath of fresh air? If so, then you’re probably a human being and you probably need help, even if you don’t feel like you do. If you feel like you don’t need help, then it is a strong possibility that you’re just not ready to accept the help that’s here for you. If not, it is okay. Take your time. By no means are we in a rush on this journey. For some it will take years, for some it will take months, and for some that journey will never end.

Now that we’re here. I want everyone to open up about your current situation and why you feel as though you need help. If you’re willing to listen, then you’re more than ready to receive help. I do not ask anyone to dwell into their life story. I just need enough to understand your problems so we have common ground.

I can find a way to relate to everyone’s issues because I’ve felt every emotion you’ve felt. We’ve all been sad, depressed, happy, anxious, mad, etc. When you separate yourself from others, you will slowly fade away from those who care. Always find a way to relate to others. Always find a way to understand, or you will stand alone. Here’s your chance to make that choice. Will you open up or will you continue to shut the door behind you?

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