I am imperfectly perfect
My flaws are my wonders
I can only be who am I right now
Distance the world from my wonders

I am beautifully disfigured
Something undone
Working towards being whole
Piece me together by breaking me down

You will never know how great I am
Falling down trying to stand
Where we part is where we meet



Pondering on things without a grasp
Everything in life is a clash
Trying to manage my survival
Death awaits my arrival

Here I am, far and gone
Listening to one lonely song
Feeling weak but staying strong

Forbidden from happiness
Dwelling in pain
My joy is the rain
My smile bring me shame


The shattered ground beneath my feet can’t hold my ground
There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to move and no one around
Take me now and set me free
Let me live and let me be

The broken asphalt is shaking up my life
Everything’s rumbling and nothing feels too right
Break me down and build me again
Don’t start from the outside, start from within

Edge of Darkness


On the edge of darkness, searching for a light

A place where I have no will or no might

Everything I’ve ever loved is completely out of sight

Will I ever return from the edge or will I fall over?

There’s no one who will help me

My hand is extended but no one reaches out

At this point, my life is full of doubt

Why do I have limits?

Why am I here?

As good as I may feel

The darkness is still here

I’ll be forever searching for the light

Until it finally shines bright


I’m a stranger to the darkness
Lit up in the bravery of the Lord
I’m unseen to all things that lurk in the shadows
Hidden by a blinding light that shines bright
I’m nothing to everything gloomy
Embedded with joy from inside and out
I’m nowhere to anything trying to be somewhere I don’t want to be
I’m everything to God
Perfectly imperfect in his everlasting light

Make Believe


Passion is poison
Seeping through our very souls
Love is hate
The feeling is so bold
Joy is pain
Taking over our spirit
Our vision is distorted
It’s too loud to hear it
We are living to die
Slowly fading away
What is really isn’t
Make believing we’re real
Faking our lives until we die

Fruit of Destruction

Biting on destruction like a burning fruit in the garden
The more my teeth sink in the more the fruit hardens
The taste is bitter but oh so tempting
The juices trail down my throat, soothing but pinching
I’m not satisfied, I need more and more
This destructive taste is something I enjoy
Will I fall victim to such a bittersweet fruit
In tied to its grasp growing with its roots
It’s a struggle to set my self apart
Now in torn and destructive from inside and out