Free Hope

Trapped with a thousand ways to escape
Free of freedom and loved by hate
Give me peace and let me breathe
The hardships keep me from living life with ease

Nowhere to go neither up or down
I’ve lost sight somewhere I’ll never be found
Will I break free and live without care?
Or will all that has happened be too much to bare?

There’s always more when you have the least
There’s a glimpse of hope somewhere in reach
I’m happy although I refuse to smile
If you didn’t see me then well don’t look at me now


Light of The Moon

Beyond a step where I will never come back from
Lost I am, feeling mum
Beneath the level I can recover from
Lost I am, feeling dumb

How did I get here and when will i recover
A chance, will there ever be another?
Caught in the distance, leaving too soon
Only to be saved by the light of the moon


I walked through the fire covered in gasoline
Everything I encountered was out of a magazine
The money, cars and fame was all apart of some game
It was a burning desire ignited by flame
Wealth and greed could be there for sure
I burned inside the need for more
Wanting it all, not caring if I fall


The shattered ground beneath my feet can’t hold my ground
There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to move and no one around
Take me now and set me free
Let me live and let me be

The broken asphalt is shaking up my life
Everything’s rumbling and nothing feels too right
Break me down and build me again
Don’t start from the outside, start from within

Love’s Way

Love’s pull has me falling
Wanting to held in its arms
Love’s word has me calling
Needing to be seen by its eyes
Love’s ways has me crawling
Wanting to be picked up
Love’s joy has me forever
Needing it in my presence
Love’s love is the world and it’s such a blessing

Love Trap

I was caught in her web, alive and aware
Turned into stone by her Medusa-like stare
Her venom coarsed through my soul and I didn’t have a care
If love was never here I knew it was near

I was stone caught in a spell
I couldn’t think nor could I exhale
Her love had me trapped but feeling alive
Off the strength of her deep potion I knew I’d survive

Where do I go, how can I leave
My heart was burning and turning degrees
If I can’t go, I know I’ll be fine
Im a goner of love caught in her vines
No matter what no matter how I know that we’ll shine

Ups and Downs

From the pain we store inside
To life’s roller coaster ride
We go up and we go down
We go side to side
Our pride keeps us high
And the downs keep us low
No matter where we go,
We carry emotions with us
There’s no escape
For our emotions build us up
They can also break us down
Make us smike, make us frown
Be happy or be sad
That’s the choices we have