Find Me

Here I am, waiting for a sign
Looking ahead, but knowing I’m blind
There’s nothing here, but there’s something to find
Everything I need is not on my mind

Give me what I need and not let me be
Hold me forever or let me be
For now I am blind and cannot see
Feeling like you and not like me

Who am I?
I do not know
What I want will not show
Give me a way and I shall go
I want to be me, I want to grow


The Kingdom

Life’s clock ticked until my time was up
Too bad it stopped before I had enough
Now I’m dying, crying and hurt
Today feels like my last but I’m remembering the first
Scorn and torn from my birth and separated from Earth
God give me a sign, show me my worth
Then I’ll have no worries knowing your Kingdom awaits
If I die today, with you I will keep my faith

Fruit of Destruction

Biting on destruction like a burning fruit in the garden
The more my teeth sink in the more the fruit hardens
The taste is bitter but oh so tempting
The juices trail down my throat, soothing but pinching
I’m not satisfied, I need more and more
This destructive taste is something I enjoy
Will I fall victim to such a bittersweet fruit
In tied to its grasp growing with its roots
It’s a struggle to set my self apart
Now in torn and destructive from inside and out