The Wait

Underneath the pain lies the hope of love
Deep within my soul there’s a light buried beneath the darkness
Freeing my mind, prepared for something beautiful
My ugliness has blossomed into a black rose
Destiny has revealed itself as something worth the wait
Patiently waiting for my love to outlast the hate


Love Again

You will come back won’t you?
I’m a lost goner without you
Searching to the end of nothing
Everything feels empty

Show me the love I deserve
Lead me to a better place
I find nothing in everyone
Let’s be one

Find me at the crossroads
Take me back
You’re heart is my home
My heart is your palace

Can you forgive me?
The future is much brighter
The past will hold us back
Let’s love again


Breaking apart to get put back together
Not to be discouraged although it’s taking forever

Here I am piece by piece
Put me together and make me whole
Find me now and rework my soul

Lord I feel you, please help me live
Even though I have almost nothing to give

Fill me up and give me purpose
Life is wonderful and I want to be perfect

Light of The Moon

Beyond a step where I will never come back from
Lost I am, feeling mum
Beneath the level I can recover from
Lost I am, feeling dumb

How did I get here and when will i recover
A chance, will there ever be another?
Caught in the distance, leaving too soon
Only to be saved by the light of the moon

True Love

There’s something about everyone worth loving. You have the choice to give someone the benefit of the doubt or to doubt them. Take the high road and love them. That’s exactly how God intended it. Not everyone is going to make you happy but that’s their fault. If they do not know how to make others love them than that’s a flaw within themselves. You have to personally know how to love someone no matter how good or bad they treat you. Finding that love gives you the freedom to be happier than you could ever imagine. If you can’t love everyone, then find a way to love yourself unconditionally. That love for yourself opens the gates to finding a way to love all things just as much as you love yourself. If you do not truly love yourself then it’ll be hard to find a way to love anything.


A light in the sky caught my eye
I felt so good and didn’t know why
Evenly low but feeling so high
Spreading my wings, preparing to fly

Here I am willing to go
Where I’m going, I really don’t know
I feel great, I feel better than ever
Now is time and it’s better than never

Lift me high and let me soar
Give me a boost and lift me more
God has me flying and won’t let go
My spiritual growth is finally ready to show

Find Peace

The search for peace ends quickly as long as you know where to look. There’s peace all over but there’s also unrest. You gave to dig trough the dirt to find the treasure that lies beneath it. You will never find peace if you do not know where to look. Where to look for peace is right under your nose, lying within your body and soul. You have the power to make peace with yourself regardless of the pain that surrounds you. Slowly begin to eliminate the bad by using peace as your weapon. Believe that peace can overcome all things bad and tour weapon will start to destroy all things disassociated with peace.