Bridge To Eternity


Have you seen my love?

Tell her I’ve found myself lost

Have you seen my money

Tell it I need it at all cost

Have you seen my heart?

Without it I’m cold, embedded in frost

Have you seen my soul?

I’m standing at the bridge to eternity, and I need it to cross




Believing is one of the more important things you’ll ever need to do in life. Believing is also one of the hardest things to do for some of us. Not all of us have been through an experience that puts us on the path of a believer. Belief doesn’t come overnight, unless you’re born with the gift of believing in something greater than yourself. You might think not believing means you’ll be cast to hell, when instead, God loves a challenge. He’ll walk through fire with you to ensure that you’ll be saved from being melted by the flames of hell and non belief. Without belief there’s no hope. Without hope there’s not many reasons to live. Give yourself a reason to live, and a reason to believe.

What’s Faith?

Faith isn’t as simple as a word regarding to being hopeful of the future. Faith is having a positive outlook on the past, present and future. Some, if not most people confuse faith with hope. Faith is an everlasting force, not to be deterred from any negative energy. Having faith through negativity is most important.

Although I may have been through some very rough times, I have faith that God will put me on the right path to fix whatever is wrong, whether the problem is from the past, present or something awaiting me in the near or distant future. Faith isn’t a word meant to be used out of religious context. If you have faith and no higher power to lead you, then you are steering blindly with false hope. Surrender to a true ans certain faith and forever remain hopeful and positive about the ups and downs presented by life.