Pondering on things without a grasp
Everything in life is a clash
Trying to manage my survival
Death awaits my arrival

Here I am, far and gone
Listening to one lonely song
Feeling weak but staying strong

Forbidden from happiness
Dwelling in pain
My joy is the rain
My smile bring me shame


Fruit of Destruction

Biting on destruction like a burning fruit in the garden
The more my teeth sink in the more the fruit hardens
The taste is bitter but oh so tempting
The juices trail down my throat, soothing but pinching
I’m not satisfied, I need more and more
This destructive taste is something I enjoy
Will I fall victim to such a bittersweet fruit
In tied to its grasp growing with its roots
It’s a struggle to set my self apart
Now in torn and destructive from inside and out

Whole [Poem]


Broken, shattered and scattered
I’m a piece of the things I used to be
My very existence is tattered
I strive to be whole and as complete as I used to be

Trying my hardest to pull the pieces together
Walking through the rain, ignoring the weather
A piece of me is there, a piece of me is here
All of me is nowhere, I’m broken and scared

Tape me up and make me whole
Give me hope, illuminate my soul
For I am lost and broken apart
Give me love and sew up my heart

Ups and Downs

We can only reach new heights by getting over our lowest points. There are no ups without downs. Embrace the hard times and use them to elevate yourself to a higher plateau. Our emotions entrap us at times, keeping us grounded. It is normal to feel sad during hard times but it is also possible to feel happy during sad times if you allow the joy to overcome that sorrow within you. I am happy at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel sadness at any moment. You control your emotions. If you feel sad, it is because you allow yourself to feel that way. Stop the sadness and allow yourself to feel happiness when you need it the most. If all else fails, listen to the song in the link — Pharrell Williams – Happy