Loveless (POEM)

Loveless heart, why do you beat?
You have no feeling
Everything you do is discreet
You’re incapable of healing

Loveless mind, why do you think?
You’re wasting your time
Everything you do makes me weak
You’re unlike any mind

Loveless eyes, why do you look?
You’re blinding me so
You never do anything by the book
Look elsewhere and let me go


One With Me

Trying to fly with no wings
Trying to walk with no feet
I’m falling without ground
Lost looking to be found
There no upside to my downs
There’s no smiles with my frowns
Where will I find peace
Trapped in the belly of the beast
The most I get is the least
My greatest joy is grief
One day I will find my throne
With blood sweat tears and bone
Going away til I find my home
Partying to be alone
I’m one with me and no one can see



I set sail across a tear filled ocean

The wave of emotions put me in motion

My sails blew hard as I gasped for relief

I flowed gently across the pain and the grief

One day I would come to reach my destination

Slowly sailing across lost hope and frustration

If I shall sink, would it be so bad?

To drown in the pain would be to overcome at last

But no oh no, I sail and I sail

Because eventually I will reach land

and I will finally exhale


Limitless isn’t just a movie where Bradley Cooper takes a pill and becomes super-smart in an instant. Limitless is a way of life – a way to a better life. Living limitless isn’t as hard as some of us make it out to be. It all starts with the belief that no limits shall hold you back on your journey to finding inner peace. The limitless lifestyle gives you the strength and the courage to take on all challenges, no matter how tall the task. Being limitless is having an understanding that limits are made up of doubts place on man by his own mind. Free your mind of those limits and you shall soar with the sparrows. Place limits on yourself, and be constricted by the pain that has its hands around society’s neck. Break free of that hold and start to lead a limitless lifestyle – a lifestyle where no one tells you what to do, a lifestyle where you play by your own rules, and most importantly  – a lifestyle not bound by doubt.

The Arising Rose


Unearthing worldly pleasures buries me withing my limits

Seeing through the blinds hanging in life’s window shows me nothing I need

I’m whole within my soul and losing everything as my love pours freely

I’m growing from the concrete settled beneath the dirt

I’m a rose torn from the roots only to blossom into an ugliness filled with beauty