The Wait

Underneath the pain lies the hope of love
Deep within my soul there’s a light buried beneath the darkness
Freeing my mind, prepared for something beautiful
My ugliness has blossomed into a black rose
Destiny has revealed itself as something worth the wait
Patiently waiting for my love to outlast the hate


Happiness Is Forever

Embrace life. Never let life get the best of you. There is always something to happy about. There’s also much to be sad about, but be sure to embrace the joy and not the pain. Shout it out loud. Be happier than you’re sad and you’ll be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Do not get discouraged when you’re feeling down, for it is only temporary. Happiness is forever.

I Can Do It All

I believe I can make miracles
Through happiness anything is possible
With joy I can move mountains
I trust I can achieve it all

There are no limits in life when you’re grateful
Know you can defy all things possible with love
Live without borders and without direction

Go where love takes you and don’t look back
You’ll be in a place you never thought possible
Never leave without making someone believe
You’re capable of it all

Want Happiness

Have the passion to want better for yourself and life’s problems will answer themselves. There’s always something going on in our lives that keeps us from being as happy as we can be. Still, we can eradicate those bad things by having passion and believing that we can find true happiness. Being passionate about finding happiness is very important in life. There’s always a way to become more happy with your life and it starts with wanting and needing that happiness. How can one be happy if they’re not taking the necessary steps to become happy? Gets passionate about happiness and it will come. Imagine just going about life without wanting things. Life would be pretty meaningless if you had nothing to strive for. The things we want and need is what makes life more meaningful. You’ll do whatever it takes to get what you want and need because that’s how you become content in life. It’s the same thing with happiness. Want it bad enough to do anything and everything possible in order to secure that happiness.


Stepping through the fire filled with gasoline
My burning instinct in something you have never seen
Walking tall and standing firm
Engulfed in flame and pain with something to learn
My burning desire to do all thing wrong
How can I overcome?
How can I make a turn?
Help me please, turn down the degrees
It’s hot inside and getting even hotter
I need to blow off steam before I lose my cool

Love Worthy

Beach House 1 (2012)

I have no doubt I am worthy of you

I’m made for you, I’m here for you

You have your doubts about being worthy of me

But I tell you baby, we’re meant to be

Our differences are very much the same

For that, no one’s to blame

Love isn’t a game

It is to be taken seriously

I want your love and I want it furiously

Give me it all

Not just a little

Lets go to the end of time

Not quit in the middle